LIS Subscription $500/Month

Apex offers an affordable subscription option to Physicians Offices with a lab. After an intial setup fee most POLs with up to 3 lab devices only pay $500/month. The monthly Subscription Fee includes support 9 to 5 weekdays. No long term contract.

The Subscription option provides the complete Apex LIS for one or more POL locations. Click on the button below to have one of our POL Sales Associates setup a demo for you.

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Mobile LIS

The Apex Mobile LIS facilitates the process of registering patients. Package works on all smartphones, tablets and PCs. Application will also automatically satisfy state reporting for all required states. Using QR codes patient easily can provide:

  • Individual/family registration using cellphone and/or email
  • Collects required demographics and optional picture ID upload
  • Collects required clinical information
  • Collects required billing info and optional insurance card picture upload
  • Can display consent agreement (multiple languages) and collect acceptance
  • Can allow test scheduling by patient
  • Prints rquisition if required
  • Sends order to partner lab if required
  • Secure fax, cellphone and email results delivery
  • Web-based access using any browser
  • Direct entry into Apex or your EMR/LIS

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Physician's Office Lab (POL)

The Apex POL LIS is the right choice for practices with inhouse labs. From waived Pediatrics lab to complex Oncology lab Apex provides the features you need in an affordable and easy-to-use LIS. The LIS also includes optional HL7 connections to any Electronic Medical Records (EMR) application and all Reference Labs for your send-outs.

A robust suite of regulatory compliance tools are included that automate the process of managing and reporting lab compliance.

Of special benefit to multi-location operators is complete support for the management and reporting of multiple labs.

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Reference Lab LIS $750/Month

The Apex RefLab LIS is the first system designed specifically to support the rapidly evolving needs of reference labs. Our Data Capture Engine easily interfaces all Chemistry, Hematology and other traditional devices as well as the new generation of molecular testing devices.

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The Apex Ref Lab LIS provides a seamless combination of cloud and ground-based processing that result in unparalled flexibility in meeting your client needs. Order entry and result review is supported by:

  • Web order entry with printing of requisition and labels
  • COVID Results state reporting
  • Full support for multi-specimen analyzer testing
  • COVID Testing module
  • Microbiology Module
  • Toxicology Module
  • Direct entry into LIS by your staff via form or CSV upload
  • Cellphone app for registration
  • Automatic or manual result release including result batches
  • Secure fax, cellphone and email results delivery
  • Web-based access using any browser

Comprehensive specimen management system with integrated barcodes ensures total control of orders and specimens. Smartphone friendly patient registration, email or text results reporting and much more...

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What our clients say

ABC Pediatrics, North Carolina

Lab Manager: An LIS in the POL results in more timely results without transcription errors. However, most LIS are designed for large hospitals and are so expensive that the average POL cannot even consider the cost of installing one. Apex has changed that. I am the Lab Manager in a POL with 8 providers performing over 100,000 labs on an annual basis, and I must say that this was our best purchase ever! As a plus, the customer support has been very timely and personable.

Oklahoma Sate University

Lab Manager: The system was affordable and the customer service is great. I'm able to get on a first name basis with employees so it feels familiar and personal. Apex LIS is definitely worth the price.

Signature Care ER, Texas

CTO: SignatureCare Emergency centers Love using Apex LIS. It is user-friendly and easy to learn after it is initially set up by the expert staff at Apex support. We have worked with them to centralize the use across multiple facilities and successfully integrated with our EMR software. Results transfer to our EMR seamlessly. We love using the software as it provides us the central platform to manage our in-house labs. We are able to serve our patients faster and efficiently.

National Clinical Pathology Lab, Arkansas

Lab Manager: We are very pleased with our Apex LIS. It is easy to use and meets all of our needs in a complex pathology lab. Apex was willing to customize the LIS to meet some our unique requirements. Apex support is both professional and responsive.

Legacy ER, Texas

Director IT: For the price it's really hard to beat. Anytime we have any issue we are able to get a tech on the phone and get the issue resolved in a timely manner. When I was brought on as the IT Director, this app was the biggest open issue. After doing some testing I found that our ISP latency response time was extremely high thus being the underlying issue with the app communicating with our cloud server. Called and had a discussion with Oscar, we had a test console deployed into our Citrix environment that evening and began testing the next day. Console ran like a champ and my staff couldn't be more thankful!

Auspicious Laboratory, Texas

Lab Manager: Our previous LIS system can not interface our Mass Spec to the system, we had to manually enter the data. Apex has experts to solve this problem, we have been happily using this LIS for 3 years.