LIS Core Components

All versions of Apex's LIS products draw from the same set of proven modules. These core components manage: order entry, specimens, analyzers, results processing and reporting. Using a "rules-based" design all components can be easily configured to exactly meet your required workflow.

The LIS database contains the rules associated with each core component. Changing component functionality is easily accomplished by setting parameters in the LIS database. The rules-based design allows for easy scaling of analyzers, labs and locations.

Apex LIS

Order Entry

Apex provides 5 ways to enter orders. When deployed as a POL or Hospital LIS orders are typically entered in the EHR which sends the order to Apex as an HL7 message.

When deployed as a Commercial or Reference Lab many more options are available including: CSV upload, HL7, Mobile order entry, web portal, XML and custom (e.g. anything you want).

As part of the deploy process our Deploy Team will build you two order entry forms to any format you request.

The order entry subsystem provides a variety of order analysis services including: eligibility verification, perming lab routing based on insurance rules as well as checking for consistency with CMS rules.

Order Options

The LIS is designed to handle any order entry option you require. The Apex Deployment Team will build you a custom order entry form to meet your exact needs..

  • Web portal
  • HL7 Interface
  • CSV Upload
  • Custom API
  • Phone

Specimen Management

Apex provides the most comprehensive set of specimen management features in the industry. Its proven reliability can be configured for any type of lab. Whether your specimen is blood or chemicals or organic our specimen manger can be easily configured to match your workflow requirements. Order entry supports both multiple specimens as well as multiple tests per specimen.

The design of our Specimen Manager includes barcode enabled chain of custody tracking and easy storage and retrieval using barcodes. The LIS provides full support for the generation of "child" specimens from original specimen.

Specimen Options

The LIS is designed to handle any order entry option you require. This can be set by client for conmmercial labs.

  • Easy specimen barcoding
  • Chain of custody auddit trail
  • Batching and bill of lading
  • Barcode receiving
  • Barcode storage
  • Accepts 3rd Party barcode
  • Data Analysis
  • Workflow Management

Analyzer Management

Apex's analyzer interfaces send patient demographic information directly to your analyzer eliminating operator data entry errors. Specimen bar codes eliminate specimen tracking and coding errors.

Apex has interfaced more than 500 analyzers from the all the leading manufacturers in the world. With its amazing Data Capture System it is able to interface any analyzer in days. Apex has hospital clients with over 27 analyzers in lab as well as one client with 24 urgent care locations each with more than 6 analyzers in each location. One of America's largest childrens hospital uses Apex to manage its 10 remote clinics.

The LIS provides complete support for managing analyzer QC processing. A complete set of QC reports are availble. Apex will also provide rapid results entry screens for non-device tests like flu & strep or for low volume analyzers you have chosen not to interface.

Analyzer Options

The LIS is designed to handle any type of analyzer.

  • Uni-directional
  • Bi-directional
  • Host query
  • Custom interface
  • CSV Upload
  • QC processing

The LIS can be configured for both pre-processing and post-processing of test data. The LIS can also be configured to automatically delver results to a 3rd party for further processing.

Tray Management

Our Tray Manager system allows you to easily define tray utilization for each analyzer using trays. The process of defining a tray begins with which analyzer then rows and columns and how to label them. The you define the sequence for populating wells (e.g. left to right, top to bottom, etc.) and then finally defining well(s)where to put QC. We are experienced in custom coding to accomodate robotic tray loading for which their is an additional one-time fee.

The Tray Manager understands specimen Pooling. We have defined trays with 484 wells which were then populated with vials each containing 10 COVID specimens.

Tray Options

Easily configure tray processing rules to meet your analyzer and workflow requirements.

  • Auto or manual tray population
  • QC support and processing
  • Support for robotics
  • Pre & post processing of data

Results Processing

Apex has substantial experience in post processing of analyzer reports using a set of rules provided by client. From simple post processing like converting a plus sign to the word "Positive" to complex rule sets like those associated with Toxicology Apex is ready to work with your team to achieve the most efficient workflow consistent with the highest quality processing.

Apex is able to apply post processing rules that result in automatic generation of post processing service by third party and waiting for result in order to incorporate into final report.

The CloudLab Data Management subsystem provides a broad set of reports as well as a Data Export tool that lets authorized users easilty create custom reports on lab data.

Processing Options

The LIS is designed to handle post processing based on client supplied rules.

  • Auto processsing of analyzer results
  • Upload of CSV with large set of results
  • Manual results intervention
  • Batch processing support
  • Workflow Management

Results Reporting

Once a reults report is ready the system checks its workflow rules to determine reporting workflow. First we check which results report template should be used to render the report. Then we check to see if either of the two levels of approval must first be satisfied. Then we check the mode of delivery and to which individuals. Delivery by fax, email and text are supported. A permanent copy of the results report is first encrypted using AES 256 bit algorithm and then archieved on your web portal for later retrieval by authorized individuals.

As part of the deploy process our Deploy Team will build your Results Report to any format you request.

Reporting Options

The LIS is designed to let you set secure distribution rules for each of your clients.

  • Paper or Fax
  • PDF via web portal
  • eMail & QC
  • Text message
  • Results to Provider and/or Patient
  • Use of QR codes to simplify retrieval