About Us

Apex's parent company is Altair Technology with a 30 year history of providing medical IT solutions. In 2002 Altair built the first version of the Apex LIS for Dr Magenheim in Ohio (he is on version 6 now). In 2005 Apex was spun off as a seperate corporation. Since then we have deployed over 300 labs. Our clients include: Centers for Disease Control, National Institutes of Health, US Army Medical Command, analyzer manufacturers, Commercial Labs, EHR Vendors, Physicians Offices and Hospitals.

Apex has a rich history of building solution specific products. Our Connector product acts as a "black box" connecting central EHR or LIS to analyzers in the field. It has proven popular with hospitals due to its reliability and affordable cost. Our Retail Order Processing System gives you the ability to sell tests from your website (no website? Altair can help!) in full compliance with CLIA and other applicable regulations. Our smatphone app provides your clients with easy access to your services.

Apex LIS


Apex works with all leading lab device manufacturers and EHR developers providing custom interface solutions.

We are dedicated to increasing productivity, efficiency, and regulatory compliance for today's healthcare industry through reliable software solutions offered at an affordable price.

Affordable, Reliable & Compliant

Our goal is to provide affordable, reliable and compliant data integration solutions that allow our customers to take control of the vast amounts of information produced by a wide variety of instruments.

We work closely with our diagnostic manufacturer and distributor partners to provide consistent value to our customers. Apex Healthware offers three affordable platforms to provide the most appropriate data management solution that best fits our customer's requirements.

Backed by our world class 24x7 service and support, Apex Healthware works hard to make lab management Affordable, Reliable & Compliant.