HL7 Electronic Health Record Interfaces

With the growing adoption of Electronic Health Records (EHR) in the clinical setting, there is increasing demand for integration of diagnostic instrumentation into EHR systems.

Where this integration is not available, the transcribing or scanning of test results into the EHR system is often a logjam, detracting from the potential efficiencies of a paperless office.

All Apex LIS modules provide a seamless interface of clinical diagnostic devices to practice management and EHR software.

Patient Demographics Feed (ADT)

The HL7 Patient Demographics feed module will also accept key patient data. Use of the ADT Patient Demographics Feed is useful in cases where the Client’s EHR is not able to generate HL7 order messages. In these cases the lab tech must enter the Patient Medical Record Number which is then used to lookup the patient age and sex received via the ADT Feed.

If you have an application that generates HL7 orders the Apex applications will process lab and other diagnostic requests. Specimen labels and paper requests are automatically created if you wish. Once the test or procedure is completed the HL7 Engine will generate HL7 results messages that automatically populate your EHR’s database. This dramatically improves workflow quality and eliminates the need to manually key results into your EHR.