Apex Connector Middleware

Apex designed the Connector to run as an unattended “Black Box” connected to Electronic Health Record (EHR) applications.

One or two diagnostic devices may be connected. As the Connector receives results from devices it automatically generates HL7 results messages which it delivers to your EHR application.

Once deployed there is no operator interaction required during normal operations. The Apex Management Console can be used to resolve exceptions but this function is normally assigned to the application receiving results messages. The Connector can optionally receive HL7 order messages from an EHR or a patient demographics data feed from another application.

Device Interfaces

The Apex Connector is a data appliance that connects the results of local diagnostic devices to EHR applications. This is a "black box" solution which requires no operator interaction. Two diagnostic devices (mix & match) can be directly connected to the Apex Connector.

Identification of patient is exclusively a function of data entered at the lab device console by the lab tech at the time the test is performed. The Connector is not intended for use with diagnostic devices that do not provide a means for the lab tech to enter identifying data (e.g. patient ID and/or demographics) when the test is performed.

The Connector can be configured to automatically create an accession number if required. As device results are received by the Connector they are converted into either HL7 lab result messages or other formats as required by the receiving application. The Connector expects that exception resolution, when required, will normally occur at the EHR application.

Small Form Factor

The Connector is hosted on a small Windows 7 Professional laptop (included in price) which will operate in a closed mode to minimize space requirements. The lab manager or client IT staff may open the laptop as needed for configuration changes or exception resolution.

Optional Management Console

An optional Management Console may be installed on an exisitng customer personal computer. The Connector Management Console allows you to originate orders, print bar code labels as well as a variety of patient result and management reports.

Optional HL7 Orders Interface

The standard Apex HL7 Results interface is included with the Connector. The Apex HL7 Orders interface may, optionally, be added to the Apex Connector. Adding the Apex HL7 Orders interface will allow the EHR to automatically send orders to the Connector where they become pending lab requests using the EHR's codes for patient and accession. As the devices complete tests and send results to the Connector it will match the results to a pending lab request as long as the lab tech properly enters identifying information (e.g. Patient ID or accession number).