LIS Plug-in Options

The Apex LIS is designed to work with a number of Apex plug-and-play subsystems which can be aded at any time. We have a growing library of specialty-specific modules which support neurology, microbiology, toxicology and pathology workflows. These configurable specialty-specific programs allow you to confiure each step of workflow to meet your precise needs.

Our popular MobileLab Program allows your client/patients to register, order and review results from their phone or tablet. Our Retail Order Processing System (ROPS) connects your lab to the internet via either your existing website or one we will build for you. Visitors can securelly order tests, schedule tests, pay for test and review family test history via your website. Use the Contact Us form to request a free demo.

Apex LIS

Consult Program

The Consult Program is designed to manage the complex relationships that are part of a microbiology, neurology or pathology consult. The Consult Dashboard lets you easily check on each case and the status of each procedure.Chain of custody tracking manages multiple case Specimens across multiple clinicians, labs and procedures.

The program is designed to support cloud-based real-time collaboration between requesting physicians and clinicians. Web-based portal supports secure collaboration with clinicians in multiple locations.

An easy-to-use report template creation module lets you define consult report templates for each type of consult. This rules-based system automatically inserts analyzer results where specified by template and allows clinicians to enter observations and conclusions. Phrase libraries can be quickly created by category and then easily retrieved to reduce typing.

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Consult Options

The Apex Consult Module can be configured to manage and support the workflows of consult-oriented labs. Key features include:

  • Coordinating multiple labs and providers
  • Ability to easily create report templates
  • Easy incorporation of results from analyzers and 3rd parties
  • Phrase libraries that allow eay insertion of text and editing

MobileLab Program

The MobileLab Program provides an easy way to register patients & families who require testing. Thsi mobile app collects required demographics, consent, and clinical data. App supports self-pay with credit card processing as well as insurance with the ability to upload image of insurance card.

The app is easily configured to meet your needs including: online ordering and test scheduling, pay options, multi-language consent forms.

MobileLab Options

The Apex MobileLab LIS facilitates the process of registering patients. Package works on all smartphones, tablets and PCs.

  • Can allow test scheduling by patient
  • Prints rquisition if required
  • Sends order to partner lab if required
  • Secure fax, cellphone and email results delivery
  • Web-based access using any browser
  • QR Code processing for access and on result reports

Retail Order Processing System

The Apex Retail Order Processing System (ROPS) is designed to manage the online ordering of tests in full compliance with CLIS, HIPAA and PHI. When required the app can automatically connect with a telehealth provider to receive approval for test.

The ROPS web application can be easily connected to your existing websute and configured to maintain the current "look and feel" of your website. Apex can also build you a website for the purpose of online test sales.

ROPS Options

The ROPS connects to your website and LIS to seamlessly manage retail lab order procesing.

  • Order Entry connected to LIS compendium
  • Management of sending & receiving specimen kit
  • Auto creation of necessary ship labels
  • Full reporting on specimen kit status
  • Client reporting of test status
  • Secure fax, cellphone and email results delivery
  • Web-based access using any browser

Toxicology Program

The Tox option extends the LIS in 3 areas. The first is the ability to accurately, easily and quickly capture complete set of specimen data and use the Apex formulary to select drugs that the patient has been perscribed.

The second enhancement provides flexible processing of analyzer results that allow the lab tech to easily eliminate duplicate and/or unneeded observations. The LIS will than apply supplied rules to the results in order to determine outcome as well as eligibility for billing. Confirmation of positive results can be set to automatically create an order for a confirming test to be run locally or sent to a confirming lab.

The third area of extensions is in the flexibility in presenting lab results.

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Toxicology Options

The Toxicology extensions.

  • Built-in drug formulary
  • Built-in drug classes
  • Built-in drug matebolites
  • Results post-processing
  • Specialized result reports

Supply Management

The Apex Supply Management application provides a streamlined way for labs to track supply status. You can quickly update and report on status of everything from barcode labels to QC Controls.

The extensive set of barcoding in this application simplify the counting process.

Supply Options

The Supply Management module provides an easy-to-use program for making sure you have the right level of supplies in your lab.

  • Barcode labels for storage locations
  • Barcode labels for items
  • Manage supplies & controls
  • Support for unlimited storage locations
  • Support for unlimited labs

3rd Party Interfaces

Apex has interfaced more than 500 analyzers from the all the leading manufacturers in the world. With its proprietary analyzer Data Capture System it is able to interface any analyzer in days.

Apex has built its own HL7 Engine and has provided HL7 interfaces to hundreds of EHR, reference labs, billing services and regulatory agencies. Apex has also 100s of interfaces using 3rd party APIs.

Using proven communications tools and expertise Apex is able to securely send and/or receive PHI data with any 3rd party.

Interface Options

Apex's interface engines are able to quickly provide interface solutions to analyzers and 3rd parties.

  • API
  • ASTM
  • CSV
  • HL7
  • XML
  • Custom

Data Management

Apex provides a variety of options for accessing the data in your Apex LIS. More than a 100 forms provide the ability to specify report filter and then generate a form display, CSV or XLS output file or PDF of selected data.

Apex also provides an easy-to-use data tool that allows you to specify the data you wish to extract and/or data that you wish to upload into the LIS database (e.g. anything you want).

The LIS Data Mangement is typically used to generate regulatory reports. Special routines allow the reporting to be generated and delivered automatically.

Data Options

The LIS provides an extensive set of options for reporting/viewing LIS data.

  • 100+ pre-built data access forms
  • Export to CSV or XLS output file or PDF
  • Automatic delivery of reports to 3rd parties
  • Suite of lab operations reports