Apex Web LIS

The Apex Web LIS provides users of the Apex LIS or Apex Reference Lab Manager with the ability to support the remote entry of lab orders and the ability to retrieve lab results.

The Web LIS is hosted on an Apex secure server to ensure HIPAA compliance and relieve the user for the need to host and manage the application. The Web LIS communicated with the user's Apex LIS database thru HL7 messages.

Users with existing websites will provide a link from one their website pages to the Web LIS. The Web LIS are configurable to assume the "look and feel" of the user's existing website. The entry point to both versions of the Web LIS is the Login Page. To gain access to the Web LIS functions required a valid login and password.

Patient Portal

When used in conjunction with the Apex LIS the Web LIS provides the ability for patients to view lab results from the Web LIS application. When a test is completed in the Apex LIS the system can automatically send an email to the patient with a link to the new test results.

The complete history of all patient lab results are available in both columnar and graphical format.

The Web LIS is also able to accept orders from collaborating physicians. For example, if you refer a patient to an ENT the ENT provider would be able to order a test that would be performed in your lab.

RefLab Web LIS

When used in conjunction with the Apex RefLab application the Apex Web LIS provides a powerful tool for managing orders placed by client providers.

Order Entry

The Web LIS provides a "Quick Entry" order form for those cases where you already have necessary patient demographics and billing data on file.

A standard Order Entry module is also available which provides easy-to-use form for entering an order for one, or more tests.

Both Order Entry modules can be configured to automatically or on-demand print specimen labels and/or Requisitions.

Customer Portal

The Apex Reference Lab Manager can accept lab orders from multiple application order forms, a dedicated web portal or as HL7 messages sent by a client. Both web portal and HL7 client messaging options are discussed later in this document.

The RefLab Web LIS provides user with a rich set of options for retrieving patient test results. A number of report formats are available including comparative reports showing prior results. Result reports can be selected by:

  • Date range
  • Location and/or department/ward
  • Provider
  • Patient
  • Panel

Most results reports allow:

  • Drill down to historical graphical comparison at the observation level
  • Export to comma-delimited text, spreadsheet or PDF
  • On screen sorting of any field
  • On screen report search for any data