COVID Subsystem

The easy-to-use cloud-based application automates management of collecting, processing and reporting large volumes of tests as in the case of COVID and FLU.

Use of QR codes, cellphone and email shift the work of data collection and results reporting from over worked staff to automated tools. This results in huge productivity gains and virtually eliminates data errors. Application will work with Apex or your EMR/LIS.

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Collect Demographics

The COVID application allows for the easy entry of patient data using cellphone/tablets. Once patient arrives at specimen collection point (or returns specimen kit) lab tech simply pulls up order and releases to testing. The application can also input using CSV upload files and/or HL7 interfaces.

Collection process can include:

  • Individual/family registration using cellphone and/or email
  • Collects required demographics
  • Collects required billing info
  • Displays consent agreement and collects acceptance
  • Allows for test scheduling
  • Prints rquisition if required
  • Direct entry into Apex or your EMR/LIS

Place Orders

The application provides the ability to enter lab requests using the web app or from your choice from multiple entry modules designed to be easy to use and fit the workflow in your lab. Uloading from CSV files is a poular option for loading large patient populations.

Users acting as specimen collectors only can have orders automatically routed to partner lab. On receipt of results from partner lab application will automatically deliver results as per rules on email, text and web portal. The application supports the creation of both lab appointments as well as “Standing Orders” for both local and ref lab testing.

Patient Interaction

The phone-friendly app lets patient fully interact from their cellphone. They can register, order & schedule test. Once test is complete they are alerted by email or text which allows quick access to encrypted PDF results report.

History of testing is maintained for family unit. Patient is able to generate requisitions and result reports on demand.

Reporting Results

The Apex LIS generates a full size report (8 1/2 by 11 inch) with your logo at the top and patient information. Lab results are neatly displayed on the report. A QR code is printed at the top of the reports that connects to web portal as proof of valid report for airport security.

A master copy of the results is automatically encrypted and saved as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file to cloud portal and are instantly accessible when needed for re-print, fax or e-mail. The application will alert patient via email and/or text that results are ready.


The Patient Results email and optional text provide a link to pateint portal where results PDF may be viewed. .

COVID System Options

The COVID System is able to connect to your EMR or LIS to eliminate keying information more than once.

The application can be setup to automatically perform required COVID reporting to all states.