Laboratory Information Management (LIS / LIMS)

For over 15 years Apex has been providing easy-to-use affordable laboratory management solutions for: Commercial Labs, Doctor’s Offices, Hospitals, Reference Labs and Veterinary Clinics. We have both cloud and ground-based systems that can be easily configured to meet the workflow requirements of your lab!

Our core LIS components support plug-in modules for a variety of specialties including genetics, microbiology, pathology and toxicology. Apex partners with all of the analyzer manufacturers on the planet and has interfaced over 500 different devices. We provide a comprehensive Compliance Module in all versions of our LIS to ensure compliance with all regulatory and manufacturer requirements

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Apex LIS
Rules based

Rules-based Lab Application

Incoporating design principles from AI and Expert Systems Apex has utilized best-of-breed technologies in building our medical software solutions. Using a "rules-based" design we are able to configure your copy to meet the exact needs of your workflow by simply changing database parameters. Your business changes. No problem we can change the parameters easily and quickly. No charge.

We provide a robust, easy-to-use and scalable application. From clients with one location and one analyzer to clients with over 20 locations and an average of 8 analyzers per location. Apex offers several versions of its LIS that are customized to meet specialized requirements. All versions include the core components described in the Application page.

Our "Consult Program" plugin is designed to support the special collaboration and workflow requirements ofmicrobiology, neurology and pathology. Rules-based deployment make it easy to deploy in support of the way you run your lab. See more here: Consult page.

Our "Toxicology Program" plugin is designed to support drug screens and related toxicology tests. Sophisticated post-analyzer processing automate much of the analysis associated with determining final test results. See more here: Toxicology page.

LIS Versions

Apex provides specialized versions of its laboratory information software to meet the specialized needs of your practice.

  • Chemistry and Hematology
  • Genetics
  • Molecular Biology
  • Neurology
  • Anatomic and Clinical Pathology
  • Pharmacenomics
  • Toxicology

Click on the CheckList image to get a free copy of my 160 question checklist for buying an LIS. Apex LIS checklist

Physician's Office LIS

Apex has hundreds of physician's offices using its Physician's Office Lab (POL) version. Users include every specialty and every size. We support waived thru complex POLs. Our easy-to-use software and reasonable pricing have been the primary reasons for our success. A customer support team that believes all customers are to be treated with courtesy and respect is the reason our customers keep renewing their support contracts.

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Reference Lab LIMS

Our commercial and reference lab versions are built on the core components that have made Apex a leader in the POL market. Layered on core components are the ability to handle an unlimited number of customers, each with an unlimited number of locations each with an unlimited number of departments or providers.

The refernce lab version can also manage any number of company-owned labs as well as automatically order tests from 3rd party lab. We can automatically accept orders via: CSV files, HL7 and web portal. Results can delivered via: email, fax, HL7, phone text, web portal or paper.

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Pathology LIMS

Apex's easily customizable LIMS lets pathology labs design the workflow that works best for them. The LIMS easily lets you specify your preference in handling specimens and maintains a chain of custody audit trail. Five different Order intake options are provided allowing you and your clients ordering options that are configuable to your and your client's requirements.

Our proprietary PathTalk lets you quickly complete reports by talking into a microphone. Our template manager lets you quickly create templates which can be used to rapidly prepare final reports..

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Toxicology LIMS

Apex has over 30 years experience providing medical labs with the case management tools, specimen processing rules and dynamic rules-based workflow rule specific for toxicology and pain mangement laboratories.

We have interfaced over 500 analyzers representing every category of analyzer. Our technical team is experienced with both pre-processing as with robotics and post-processing of results data as with genetic testing or toxicology. Our Interface team is ready to interface your analyzers to your EHR or LIS at an affordable price..

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Hospital Lab Software

Apex's ability to scale makes us the most afforable LIS solution for hospitals. We have deployed up to 28 analyzers in one east coast hospital.

Our Connector middleware product provides an affordable solution for deploying clinics throughout a metro using the Apex Connector to manage analyzers at remote sites using inhouse EHR or LIS. The Connector is deployed as a "Black Box" without monitor or keyboard. Georgia's premier Childrens Hospital deploys ten Connectors in Greater Atlanta.

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Apex has over 30 years experience providing interfaces between medical applications and analyzers. We have the required communications skills and experience with 3rd party APIs, CSV, HL7 and XML.

We have interfaced over 500 analyzers representing every category of analyzer. Our technical team is experienced with both pre-processing as with robotics and post-processing of results data as with genetic testing or toxicology. Our Interface team is ready to interface your analyzers to your EHR or LIS at an affordable price..

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Mobile & User Friendly

All of our products are designed to be easy-to-use. Where appropriate we provide support for both tablet and phone mobile devices. The laboratory information application can be easily configured in support of mobile lab operations for both specimen collection/management and analyzer operations. The cloud-based operation of the LIS allows you access to the full set of deployed features from any location with internet access.

We have a Retail Order Processing system which allows your existing website to accept orders and payment for testing. This application handles:

  • Secure management of PHI data
  • Shipping documents for specimen kit
  • Automatic connection with telehealth provider when required
  • Payment processing

Our Patient Portal system which allows your patients to process test needs fromn their smartphone. This application handles:

  • Registration of patient or family
  • Collection of demographics and clinical data
  • Collection of insurance info
  • Upload of insurance card and photo ID
  • Ability to schedule test location, date and time

For new labs Apex has a package deal which builds you a website which is connected to the Apex LIS at a very afforable price.

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Subscription & Pricing

Apex charges a modest deployment fee of $1500 to deploy the laboratory information system. There is a fee for connecting analyzers and 3rd parties like EHRs and billing services. 3rd party interfaces are normally deployed as HL7 interfaces but Apex will accomodate any API.

Apex charges a fee for each patient lab report created. The report fee is 25 cents per standard lab report created. For example, a standard lab report may consist of: a PSA, a Lipid Panel and a CBC and would incur a total report fee of 25 cents. There is also a Monthly Hosting Fee of $350 USD per month.

Non-standard consult result reports include: Genetics, Neurology and Pathology reports which are priced at fifty cents each.

Support is available 24 x 7. Subscription is month-to-month with 30 days notice to terminate.

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Real Life Testimonials

“Our previous LIS system can not interface our Mass Spec to the system, we had to manually enter the data. Apex has experts to solve this problem, we have been happily using this LIS for 6 years.”

Lab Manager | Reference Lab

“The system was affordable and the customer service is great. I'm able to get on a first name basis with employees so it feels familiar and personal. Apex LIS is definitely worth the price.”

Lab Manager | OK State University

“An LIS in the POL results in more timely results without transcription errors. However, most LIS are designed for large hospitals and are so expensive that the average POL cannot even consider the cost of installing one. Apex has changed that. I am the Lab Manager in a POL with 10 providers performing over 100,000 labs on an annual basis, and I must say that this was our best purchase ever! As a plus, the customer support has been very timely and personable.”

Lab Manager | 11 Doctor Pediatric Practice

“SignatureCare Emergency centers Love using Apex LIS. It is user-friendly and easy to learn after it is initially set up by the expert staff at Apex support. We have worked with them to centralize the use across multiple facilities and successfully integrated with our EMR software. Results transfer to our EMR seamlessly. We love using the software as it provides us the central platform to manage our in-house labs. We are able to serve our patients faster and efficiently.”

CTO | 24 location Urgent Care Chain

“The entire staff at Apex was courteous and competent. Their flexibility and williness to accomodate our special needs was outstanding. Apex LIS is definitely an excellent LIMS solution.”

Lab Manager | NY State University

“We are very pleased with our Apex LIS. It is easy to use and meets all of our needs in a complex pathology lab. Apex was willing to customize the LIS to meet some our unique requirements. Apex support is both professional and responsive.”

Lab Manager | FDA National Clinical Pathology Lab

“For the price it's really hard to beat. Anytime we have any issue we are able to get a tech on the phone and get the issue resolved in a timely manner. When I was brought on as the IT Director, this app was the biggest open issue. After doing some testing I found that our ISP latency response time was extremely high thus being the underlying issue with the app communicating with our cloud server. Called and had a discussion with Oscar, we had a test console deployed into our Citrix environment that evening and began testing the next day. Console ran like a champ and my staff couldn't be more thankful!”

CTO | 6 locationEmergency Room Chain