Laboratory Information Systems

The Apex Connector, Apex LIS and Apex Reference Lab Manager
are built using the same core components.

All application components were built from the ground-up by Apex. The unifying design strategy was to build a rules-based application that would allow Apex installers to configure the application to exactly meet the needs of your laboratory operations.

While the Apex workstation supports a maximum of eight devices the design of the application allows you to connect multiple Apex workstations at each location if your workflow requires more than one.

Examples of when you might require more than one Apex Workstation include: more than one room with lab equipment at your practice or dedicating a workstation to a single high volume lab device.

One year of support is provided with your Apex system. This provides support between 8 AM and 6 PM Central Time Monday through Friday (except for holidays). Premium Support is available 8 AM to 8 PM Central Time for an additional fee.

Management Console

The Management Console provides the analysis, management, QC and reporting functions of the Apex LIS at a fraction of the cost. Key uses of the Management Console include:

  • Originate and manage orders
  • Manual results entry for low volume devices/tests
  • Manage lab operations
Barcode Subsystem

The Barcode Subsystem is designed for moderate to high volume lab environments where specimens are drawn outside the actual lab. This module tracks specimen processing and generates bar code labels.

Reference Lab Manager

The Reference Lab Manager allows for seamless processing of reference lab orders that originate in you’re EHR or in the Apex LIS. Using standard HL7 messages the Reference Lab Manager handles electronic processing of orders and results to one, or more, reference labs.

Allergy Manager *

The Allergy Manager is designed to support allergy testing with both a "Scratch" test or with a Hitachi CLA-1 lab device. This module collects patient allergy history and then tracks allergy test results over time. Recurring appointments are created and managed via report for allergy patients.

* Requires that you own at least one Apex LIS License and may be installed on one of your Microsoft Windows workstations.

Technical Specifications

All versions of the LIS are delivered fully configured for your practice and run on a Windows XP/7 Professional computer. The computer is connected to your Local Area Network with the supplied network interface card (NIC). Up to eight lab devices can be connected to the mini tower via the RS232 or USB ports.

The LIS mini tower is provided with a manufacturer one year warranty on parts and labor with next day repair if part replacement is required. The pre-loaded remote diagnoses software allows Apex support to quickly diagnose and resolve any operator issues via Internet connection provided by customer.

The Application can run standalone in which case all data and reports are saved locally. Over 10,000,000 lab results can be stored on the workstation. In a network environment you can choose to have all results stored on your server. When copies of the management and reporting module are being loaded on additional client workstations the database must be hosted on a client server in order for all modules to work from the same database.

The Application supports central management of multiple locations with labs. Lab requests, lab devices and Lab Techs can be tracked by practice location.